What if the batteries die in an electronic lock?       
Before the batteries are completely discharged, the lock emits a “chirp” sound to alert that the batteries need to be changed. If the batteries would happen to die, the lock retains all access code memory. Once new batteries are installed, the lock operates as it did before. 

Can I change my safe combination?
It is possible to change most locks using special tools and following correct procedures. However, we highly recommend having a trained professional perform combination changes. 

What should I do if I forget my safe combination?         
Socal Safe Company can assist you with your combination problems. Our service technicians are able to reset your combination and will help you in any way possible. Simply contact us at (800) 334-6060 to speak with a member of our service team.    

Are burglary rated safes also secure from fire damage? 
Burglary rated safes are not very secure against fire damage. Burglary related safes are designed to withstand tool attacks. And since they are made of steel, they are likely to become very hot in the interior of the safe. This will make all contents within the safe extremely hot. 

Is it safe to put money in a fire rated safe? 
Fire rated safes are engineered to withstand the weathering of a fire, but offer limited burglary resistance. Along with the fire rated safe, a security system is highly recommended to ensure the contents of the safe are closely monitored.

Is it safe to put photos or photo negatives in a fire safe? 
It is best that photos and negatives are stored in a media safe, which is specially engineered for this purpose. Fire safes are engineered to protect documents in the case of a fire. The interior of a fire safe is not to exceed 350° Fahrenheit over a specific period of time. Photos and negatives are temperature sensitive and could be destroyed if the temperature exceeds 175°.

Is it safe to store computer related equipment, such as CD-ROMs and memory sticks, in a fire safe? 
It is not safe to store computer related equipment in a fire safe. Computer equipment, such as diskettes and CD-ROMs, are temperature sensitive. A media safe would be ideal for this to guard against heat. 

Do safes need regular maintenance? 
Yes, safes do require maintenance. It is recommended that a safe be maintained at least one time per year.

Can safes be bolted down to the floor or ground? 
In a majority of cases, a safe can be bolted down to the floor or ground. Some safes even include bolt down kits. Some safes can be secured to the floor by drilling through the wall of the safe and then using a lag bolt or expansion bolt.

Problems with your electronic lock? 
If you are having trouble, you can reach a technician 24/7 to assist you at (800) 334-6060.