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SC-9 Cash Counter


SC-9 Cash Counter


High Resolution Currency Discrimination 2-Pocket Value Sorter

The world’s smallest 2 pocket value counter has proven performance and quality and makes an excellent economical choice.

  • 4 readable CF Detecting (CIS, IR, MR, UV)

  • Enhanced OCR performances

  • Network integration with remote upgrade (LAN, memory stick)

  • Easy maintenance

  • Far less jams due to shorter path

  • Supports up to 10 currency mix for 50 currencies

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Additional Features

  • Extract, print, and store text of serial numbers (local and network)

  • Remote software updates† and service

  • Network processing capability and management

  • Double note detection

  • Auto Configuration – currency and denomination detected and automatically configured (see diag.)

  • Footprint is smaller than letter size paper


Size H x W x D (mm) Approx Weight (Kg) Power Supply Hopper Capacity Stacker Capacity Reject Capacity Counting Speed Bank Note Size W x H (mm) Bank Note Thickness (mm)
261 x 280 x 269 8 AC 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz 500 Notes (approx) 200 Notes max 70 Notes max 1,000 NPM (CF On) 1,200 NPM (CF Off)) 1,500 NPM (Piece) 200~185 x 50~90 0.07~0.12