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SC-11 Cash Counter


SC-11 Cash Counter


2 Pocket Fitness Sorter
2 Pocket Value Counter

Full fitness sorting functions has proven performance and quality and makes an excellent economical choice.

  • 5 detecting features (2CIS, IR, MR, UV, TAPE detecting sensor)

  • Full fitness sorting features

  • TITO (Barcode reading), Check (MICR reading)

  • Network integration

  • Handles banknotes and tickets simultaneously

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy jam removal

  • Available for up to 40 currencies

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Save and Send

Extract, print, and store text and images of serial number

Full Fitness Sorting Functions

  • Fit

  • Unfit: soil, corner, tear, grafitti, tape, folded, hole, oil-stain

  • Reject: counterfeit, damaged notes



Size H x W x D (mm) Approx Weight (Kg) Power Supply Hopper Capacity Stacker Capacity Reject Capacity Counting Speed NPM Display Interface
319 x 296 x 347 12 AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz 500 Notes (approx) 200 Notes (approx) 100 Notes (approx) 1,200 (OCR, Fitness) 1,200 (Value) Max 1,500 (Piece) 4.3 in. touchscreen Micro SD, USB, LAN, RJ11, RS232C