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International Fortress TL-30X6


International Fortress TL-30X6


Six-sided Composite Protection Plus 2-Hour Fire Protection

The International Fortress TL-30X6, six-sided composite construction offers a revolutionary new barrier material incorporating a steel and ceramic matrix on all six sides of the safe. The ceramic matrix is anchored by a “Z” bar connection system that makes the inner and outer layers of steel as well as the composite material as one. By using this unique construction, the safe achieves a high degree of burglary protection while being relatively light in weight.

Door and Body

The door and body are constructed of inner and outer layers of steel electrically welded together incorporating our superior composite material in conjunction with a steel and ceramic matrix to resist all forms of attack.

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The massive 1.5" chrome plated bolts are secured with dual Underwriters Laboratories Group 2M combination locks. Optional high security keylocks or electronic combination locks can be added. All locks are protected by a tempered glass plate that activates the relocking system during an attack. The boltwork is further protected by bolt detent system that automatically extends the bolts when the door is closed. 

Fire Protection

Independent laboratory tested at temperatures up to 1850°F for a period of 2 hours. Interior temperatures did not exceed 350°F.

TL-30x6 box diagrams 2019.jpg
Model Interior H x W x D (in) Exterior H x W x D (in) Weight (lbs) Capacity Shelves
FX-3524 35 x 24 x 20 40 x 29 x 28 1,996 9.7 2
FX-4524 45 x 24 x 20 50 x 29 x 28 2,375 12.5 3
FX-5524 55 x 24 x 20 60 x 29 x 28 2,751 15.3 3
FX-6528 65 x 28 x 20 73 x 33 x 28 3,402 21.1 5
FX-6034* 60 x 34 x 20 65 x 39 x 28 3,554 23.6 5
FX-6536 65 x 36 x 22 70 x 41 x 30 4,097 29.7 5
FX-7236 72 x 36 x 26 77 x 41 x 36 4,750 39 5

*Special order 8 – 12 weeks
Left hand door swings also available by special order
Add 2” to exterior depth for hinge projection
Add 2” to exterior depth for removeable handle projection
Add 4” to height for removable metal transport base